Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's been a long time, I shouldna left you, with a dope rhyme to step to....

That's right chicas, we've been away for far too long! Revamping and remixing can take a lot of a girl, but I'm back--I've missed you all and now its on and POPPIN! There are some beautiful things in the making for Kinky Butik and I can't wait to let you all in on the action. Meanwhile there are so many other things of beauty I would like to bring your way...

If you haven't heard of Peace Images, well it about that time. All this year I have been following (or maybe stalking) the work of a brilliantly talented jewelry maker and today I have to let you all in on my obsession. Peace Images is a collection of unique, culturally inspired, masterpieces made quite simply for the goddess in all of us. Each piece is truly exotic, shaped masterfully and boldly infused with striking color. Some time ago I had the opportunity to chat with Camille, the imaginative, hand crafting, jewelry architect that has blessed us with the honest creativity that is Peace Images...check it.

Kinky Butik: How long has Peace Images been in existence? Tell us the story.

Camille: I decided to follow the signs about 2.5 years ago. I opened an shop in April of 2008, under the encouragement of my fiancee and a good friend who recommended me to the site. One night I looked in my jewelry box and saw tons of items there that could no longer be worn because they were broken. A lot of the pieces had minor errors like a broken clasp, or something like that.

Soon after, I wandered into Wal-Mart's craft section and saw tools and components that I could use to fix those pieces. I purchased them, went home that night, and resuscitated my entire accessories collection!

Naturally the next step in my thought process was "If I can fix my own, why can't I create jewelry that is more in-line with my personal style? I'm sure SOMEONE would dig what I make." ...and two-and-a-half years later, after spending every single day of my life (jewelry even interrupts my sleep) on it; investing more time, energy and resources into this than anything else, i have a self-sustaining business.

I still feel so blessed for those moments of empowerment that changed my entire life.

Kinky Butik: Your jewelry is truly beautiful and soooo original!  The colors, the materials used, and your design create such unique styles. What are your sources of inspiration when designing your pieces?

Camille: Thank you so much! I believe my mom is the essence of it all. She has a long-lasting love affair with jewelry, and African art. She knows a lot about texture, color, form and ME. She is my biggest inspiration and supporter. Past her, it would have to be Erykah Badu. Her ability to rock ankh jewelry and head wraps onto red carpets blew my mind and changed me forever! She frees my mind and reminds me that fashion doesn't have to be high-maintenance, and lacking in meaning….also that I can do whatever the f*ck I want.

Photography also helps me. Since I shoot everything I make, it forces me to notice how things catch the light; how colors and textures interact, it all ties in.

I also pull deep inspiration from my culture. I love Black people. We struggle every day of our lives.--even when it isn't right in our face. It's just a struggle to be “Us”. Just to make it through a day as a Black person inspires me. We are so full of life, color and strength. How could I not create in the same vein? I hope that I am able to put even a fraction of my love for my people into my "peaces."

Kinky Butik:  What are your top sellers?

Camille: Since i make so much jewelry, I've been blessed with a lot of top sellers.. here are a few:

High quality agate slice with 24 kt. gold rim and solid brass ring
My "on wax" cocktail rings are inlaid, by-hand, with wax prints; and on adjustable brass bands
My "tugela" feathers are 6" feather earrings w/ sterling silver accents and gold coral

My "vuvuzela" bracelet incorporates vintage brass, wax fabric and carnelian.
All are in stock in Camille's Peace Images boutique!

Kinky Butik: Tell us about your vintage shop Classickness Vintage. How do you select your pieces?

Camille:  The name "classickness vintage" came about because my fiancee, DJ Trackstar, has a mixtape series called "Classickness." ( he pays homage to the hip hop records that paved the way for cats today to shine. i jacked the name from him, and all of my items are named after classic hip hop cuts :)
I love music and it also plays a role in why I select some of the pieces I do. I try to select pieces that blend vintage with urban; things that look old and original; that possess an energy that seems like it's from another time, but that I could wear to Rock the Bells, or a local art show, for example.

Kinky Butik: What’s the most challenging part about making your jewelry? What’s themost gratifying thing about it?
Camille: The most challenging part is duplicating items for customers. It's so necessary to make every item JUST like my photo, ever time; that takes patience, concentration, and constantly learning new ways to make the process more efficient. The most gratifying part is waking up everyday knowing that I'm putting every ounce of me into something I love. It makes all of the difficult moments (and there are many, everyday) worth it. It's a constant blessing and I just hope that the amount of time, energy and level of self that I put back into it is enough to show even a small amount ofgratitude for it.

Look out for the new Peace Images line "Black Ego" (yes, named after that hot a$$ Digable Planets track) and be sure to keep up with what's going on with Peace Images at
Pure awesomeness!

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  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!! I really want the feather earrings and the Africa shaped ring! Where is the boutique located?