Friday, June 25, 2010

BUTIK BEAUTY: LaToya Scott of Prototype Fitness

I get so excited to keep meeting women who inspire me and inform me of new products and methods.  Many of them ignite the fire behind my own ideas!  What thrills me is that beyond each of these women’s natural hair experience, there is always something magnificent—an exciting dream they are living and pursuing!

One of these women is a dear friend and high school mate of mine, Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer LaToya Scott.  It had been years since LaToya and I had seen each other—probably since we were actually in high school, but since we were reunited at a close friend’s baby shower (of course a natural hair discussion ensued), she has become one of my great sources of information.  She’s given me great product suggestions and has shared great info on her styling methods. 

I’ve found LaToya to be yet another woman living and pursuing an awesome dream—at 25, she is the driver and creator of Prototype Fitness, a fitness and training program designed to help physically transform women during moments of transformation in their lives. I think her concept is cool so I thought I’d share one of my information sources with you all through a little Q&A with Miss LaToya Scott.

Check her out!

Kinky Butik:  Tell all the Kinkies out there little about yourself and Prototype Fitness.

LaToya Scott:  Hi ladies! I’m LaToya Scott, a native Houstonian who loves to cook, eat, travel and listen to music. I’m also the fitness expert and trainer behind Prototype Fitness. My mission through this program is to educate and empower women to "Live their Best Life" I specialize in Transitional Fitness by helping women physically prepare for, endure, and/or recover from life transitions such as pregnancy, marriage, college lifestyles, menopause, and any situation that often leaves women out of shape and living a not-so-healthy lifestyle.

Prototype Fitness started with one woman--Me--being unhealthy, unhappy and weak with a life full of chaos.  After seeking, understanding and embracing the value of fitness my life changed.

The fitness fundamentals I now live by, have strengthened me mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This now allows me to walk in God's Purpose of educating and empowering other women on the fundamentals needed to achieve their fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.

KB:  How long have you been rocking your natural hair?

LaToya:  I stopped relaxing my hair since April 2008 and I did my big chop in February 2009.

KB:  What was your transition method?

LaToya:   Actually all of this kinda started by mistake.  I was wearing an interlock weave for a few months and when I took the interlock down my roots had grown out quite a bit. This all happened to be during the time that Hurricane Ike hit Houston and I was unable to flat iron my hair or anything because there was a power outage. I then decided I wanted to grow out my natural hair.

I wore weave and braids for about six months and in between hair styles (having my hair woven or braided) I tried different products to figure out what worked best for my hair and I took the time to become comfortable with working with my hair.  Once my hair grew 3-4 inches I debuted my natural hair and have worn it ever since.

Twists and twist outs are my daily styles and my hair stays soft, shiny and smelling yummy because of Oyin Handmade's Burnt Sugar Pomade and Jane Carter Solutions' Twist and Lock.

KB:  Speaking of transitions…as a fitness expert, what are some tips that you can give women who are in transitional phases of their lives?

LaToya:  The first step would be to meet with me for a FREE Fitness Consultation! Or you can come to the Prototype Fitness & 1 year Birthday Boot Camp Event this Saturday (tomorrow) June 26, 2010 @ Sabine Park, Houston, Texas.  I like to give customized tips and plans for clients because everyone’s body and lifestyle is different.

KB:   You’ve turned me on to some great products for kinky, curly and coiled hair! Tell us a little about them and your personal experience with these products.

LaToya:   I'm a pretty hardcore researcher so YouTube, haircare forums and natural hair blogs like Kinky Butik are my besties. My main squeezes are all natural products usually meaning I can eat them or use them on my body. Afro Detangler is a dream for tightly coiled hair, it regulates your hairs PH so it's moisturized yet strong. Of course water, unrefined Shea Butter, and coconut oil my hair would no longer be natural without the use of those.

KB:   As a fitness expert, how do you feel an active lifestyle affects the health of our hair?

LaToya:   As a specialist and wellness enthusiast I know an active lifestyle makes major changes in our health and well-being and it has a direct relation to the health of our hair, skin, mind, body and soul.
Many issues faced today such as hair loss, hair thinning, severe acne, etc. are related to Hypokinetic (hypo meaning "less than' or "not enough", and kinetic meaning "activity") diseases and/or stress.  When we live an active life style and learn how to really take care of ourselves we see our hair respond by growing healthier and stronger.

KB:   What are some nutritional and fitness tips you can give us to conveniently integrate into our summer regimen?

LaToya:   One problem most of us face is that in the summer we are regularly invited to weddings, BBQs, Seafood Boils and Fries or Pool Parties and we usually overeat or make poor food choices when there, all because we are starving or there are no healthy options.

One great solution is to eat before you go, take snacks, or offer to bring a healthy option to the event. By eating something before, "the wedding", we won't be so starved to eat 2 or 3 of everything offered at the buffet reception, and when cake rolls around.

KB:   Where can we find you?

LaToya:   I can always be reached for personal training services or information by e-mail at  Kinky Butik readers are all invited to the Prototype Fitness 1 Year Birthday Boot Camp event tomorrow morning (June 26, 2010) at 7:30 AM @ Sabine Park, Houston, Texas.  I’ll be there to work you out, answer questions and make consultation appointments.

There you have it Kinkies! I'm proud of my girl LaToya Scott and the many things to come from Prototype Fitness! See ya in the park tomorrow!


  1. I believe this interview was informative, inspiring, and intriguing all at the same time. Thanks Kinky Butik for asking all the right questions for us! I will definitely be attending the boot-camp class on tomorrow!


  2. Thanks so much Crystal! Tell us what your experience was at the bootcamp!